Peace Through Paleoconservatism

“War is the health of the state.” It thus makes sense to mix the causes of peace and smaller government. Neoconservatism is a logical contradiction.

Modern warfare is not healthy for the environment. Barring the invention of biodegradable bombs and solar powered aircraft carriers, it makes sense to mix peace and environmental preservation as well.

The mix is potentially powerful politically. Ron Paul was able to get an enthusiastic young following by emphasizing the peace portion of his paleoconservative message. He had Bernie like crowds despite his grumpy old man rhetoric, anti abortion stance, and conservative Christian lifestyle.

Peace sells. Throw in environmental preservation and you have a formula for selling small government values to the younger generations.

But is peace practical? It is one thing to shout from the sidelines that we should bring the troops home. It is another thing entirely to actually do it after achieving power. The Deep State will balk, and sometimes rightly. Turning over our role as World Police to China might have unpleasant consequences.

Here, we will not simply parrot Principle. Instead, we will point out the opportunities, those situations where the case for coming home is iron clad, where military meddling is clearly not working. (And we will endeavor to be honest and admit where military meddling did appear to work.) We will also look at some possible opportunities for peaceful libervention, how to make democracy safer for the world starting with your local social clubs and civic organizations.

And yes, we will look at a few areas where going green reduces the need for war…

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