“Buy Local!”

“Buy American!”

The first slogan sounds rather green, something you might see or hear at an organic food co-op or downtown hippified craft store. The second sounds like the old Union Left or today’s Trumpy Right.

We have raw material for our dream of fueling a hippie-conservative coalition. What if we could mix Tea Party with WTO Protest?

But first we must ask a more important question: Is this a good idea? What about Free Trade?

In this folder we will dive deeply into the matter of internation trade, where it is beneficial and where it is not. And is it good to have multinational corporations with more power than many nations? There are trade-offs. There is no derive-reality-from-first-principles solution here.

But we can start with one clear refutation of the naive Free Traders and Cosmopolitan Libertarians. Eliminating tariffs will not lead to the Free Trade ideal described in the Classical Liberal literature. When you factor in other taxes and modern welfare states, Free Trade...Isn’t.

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